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    Corona virus: Everybody needs to be aware
    NBS | Saturday, July 3rd, 2021 | Published: 4:16 am

    Corona virus: Everybody needs to be aware


    Since the release of the Chinese report on December 31, 2019, it has been known as the ‘Novel Corona Virus’. ‘Novel Corona Virus’ whose official name is SARS-CoV2 and full name is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus2. On February 11, 2020, the World Health Organization named the disease Covid 19. The epidemic that has plagued the Corona virus worldwide has taken its toll on novels, essays, plays, movies, fairy tales and even fairy tales.It has also beaten the viruses of the past. Because, in the past, viruses were not widespread worldwide. For example: SARS virus in 2002-03 and swine flu in 2009-10 in the west, Mars virus in 2012 in the Middle East, Ebola virus in West Africa in 2014, Zika virus in 2015 in Latin America. And this time the corona virus started from China in 31 december, 2019 and then spread all over the world. The epidemic of this virus has no definite boundaries. Caste, religion, king-queen, ruler-administrator, minister-MP, owner-worker, footpath, rich or poor man are not giving concessions to anyone. This virus has paralyzed culture, religious, sports, movies or festivals and has restricted people from going out of the house. Shops, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, research, education, business establishments all seem to be bound by restrictions. There is no handshake, harmony, hug. And when someone dies, parents, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, neighbors, relatives, no one is by his side-in unknown terror or fear. The rulers who exploited and uttered big words were stunned. Robots, microscopes, nuclear weapons are not working today. Even after pouring a lot of money, there is no salvation, death is not going to be stopped. Most of the able-bodied man became incapacitated and stopped. Office-courts, factories, economy, politics, culture are all in a state of stagnation. It is as if society and civilization are changing. The Corona virus is spreading from one country to another like an epidemic, a destructive death knell, evading the world’s most famous and expensive army-air-navy, special forces, intelligence agencies, modern well-equipped warships, bombers, rockets, satellites. Nothing in the world seems to be working-death in Corona not stopping. The Corona virus is a strange, horrible thing.

    Bangladesh is not getting rid of this corona virus which is spread all over the world.  According to Department of health, the first corona virus was caught in Bangladesh on March 08, 2020 and the first death occurred on March 18,2020. The first lockdown was given on march 25, 2020. Since then, new infection and deaths have been on the rise. It is know through the media that corona virous comes to Bangladesh through repatriation and the infection starts. This is due to carelessness at the airport checkpost or border checkpost. First yourself, then the family, then the society and now the whole country is infected with the corona virus. The corona virus is spreading day by day in all the districts and people are dying. After the first wave, the government again announced a lockdown from 05 april 2021 to deal with the second wave of corona. Despite the announcement of the lockdown, due to the laxity of the appropriate authorities, people  seem to get a normal holiday and go home packed in vehicles like Eid. Social distance is not accepted, but people go by pushing and shoving. Then comes Eid. In this too, people go home ignoring their fears and start coming to Dhaka after Eid. As a result of this coming and going, the corona virus went to the brink again. Later, the office was opened again in a limited manner, the shopping mall-market was opened, the movement of vehicles started. But increasing infection rate of corona virus, according to the notification issued by the Cabinet Division, that-shopping malls, markets, entertainment centers will be closed again from 28 april,2021, but government-non government offices will remain open on a limited scale. Even if the hotel-restaurant is open, you can’t sit there and eat, but parcel delivery will continue. Public transport will be closed but only freight vehicles and rickshaws will run and the government has announced a complete hard lockdown from july 01,2021.-at present that is running……. Bangladesh has surpassed many countries in the world in terms of infection and death rate. According to the Worldmeter, as of july 02,2021, the total number of deaths in the world is more than 39 lakhs 73 thousands, the total number of infected is more than 18 crores 35 lakhs 15 thousands and the total recovered is more than 16 crores 79 lakhs 99 thousands. As of july 02,2021, according to the Department of Health, 132 people have died, 8483 have been newly identified and 4509 have recovered in the last 24 hours in the country. Till date, a total of 14 thousand 778 people have died, 09 lakhs 30 thousands 42 people have been infected and 08 lakhs 25 thousands 422 people have recovered in the last 24 hours in the country. In this series of infections and deaths, conscious people are worried that the government and the appropritie authorities have failed to keep the people at home and ensure social distance by raising public holidays and raising public awareness. Due to the failure of the government and the appropriate authorities, the death rate and infection rate in the country is slowly increasing again.There is an urgent need to improve the health and treatment of the people. 

    It is know through newspapers that more than 100 crore people are going into extreme poverty in the world. The world is heading for a recession. Its effect in Bangladesh too. It is know through newspapers that many families left their homes in Dhaka city and went to the villages during the corona period. According to the information given by the mobile company, 1 crore 3 million people left Dhaka city. Many of them are trying to adjust in hostel or mes alone to Dhaka by setting in the family village. The amount of to-let is increasing several times in Dhaka city. The corona virus epidemic has had a profound effect on people’s livelihoods. This crisis can be overcome as Bangladesh is an agricultural country in the future global recession and the production of seasonal fruits and vegetables including food grains has been improving since the beginning of the 21 st century. Authorities must be kind to agriculture or farmers-the effects of the recession can be felt if they are negligent. Still need-accurate and planned delivery and marketing; So that the domestic and inter-regional supply chain is fine. Before and after starting any work, wash your hands with soap, water or use hand sanitizer. Cooked food should be boiled and served well, hand should be washed with soap and water before taking any food. In case of sneezing or coughing, elbows should be used or tissues or handkerchiefs should be used. When you go out, you must use a mask and keep hand sanitizer with you. Everyone should keep a distance of 3 feet. Eyes, nose, mouth cannot be touched with hands. It is better to avoid public gatherings. The Government, the opposition, the administration and the people worked together to overcome the Corona situation that is still prevailing in the country. All classes of people in the country should be brought under vaccination. In addition, the vaccine discovered in the country should be sponsored. One more thing might be better in the future- investing more and more in health, medical and environmental research, and focusing on increasing the prestige and opportunities of researchers, and improving people, families, and society through these sectors. Above all, it will help the state to be good and safe. The appropriate authorities will take appropriate action-otherwise there is a risk of loss if the situation is not resolved and above all, the people have to abide by the health rules. Success will come in tackling the epidemic without the conscious attitude of the people including the government, political personalities and bureaucrats, standing by each other and proper management free from corruption.    

    Writer :  Journalist and Columnist

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