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    Walton introduces new smart fridge ‘6A9’ model on the occasion of Eid
    NBS | Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 | Published: 7:07 pm

    It could be controlled by mobile phone from anywhere in the world

    NBS Report – 

    On the occasion of Eid, the country's electronics giant Walton has launched a new model of IoT (Internet of Things) based non-frost smart fridge that can be controlled through mobile phone from anywhere in the world. 

    Engineers of Walton Fridge Research and Development Department released this new model smart fridge as a special gift for Eid. In Bangladesh, only Walton has been manufacturing IoT based smart fridge and thus this is a great milestone not only just for Walton but also for the the local engineers as well as Bangladesh.

    Engineer Md Shohel Rana, in-charge of Walton Smart Refrigerator’s Structural Design, said that the ‘6A9’ model smart fridge is more than 50 percent energy efficient following the use of intelligent inverter technology. 

    The new smart fridge’s intelligent germ termination ionizer system is resulted in automatically destroying germs of any bacteria and viruses on the surface of the food, he said adding, the other sophisticated features are included door alarm, child lock, human detector, digital display, 3D matrix speed optimization human detector. 

    The 6A9 model is also designed with tempered glass side by side door that gave the fridge an aristocratic look and also ensure maximum storage capacity, Rana noted and informed that the price of this smart fridge was set at Tk 80,900. 

    It is known that some information like how much electricity is being consumed in the fridge every day or monthly? How many bills are coming? Voltage low or high? Is the compressor overloaded?, can be known in Walton's smart fridge.

    It has the impression of aristocracy as well as maximum storage capacity. 

    Engineer Abdul Malek Sikder, in-charge of Walton Fridge R&D (research and development) Refrigeration-Electronics Department, said a Wi-Fi module has been added to its control board as an IoT device. As a result, this fridge will come under WiFi internet connection. The customer has to install a special app called ‘Walton Smart Appliances’ on his/her handset. And then, customers can control the settings of the fridge from any part of the world by selecting the fridge option of these special apps using the internet.

    He also added that Walton Smart Fridge has AI (Artificial Intelligence) based 3D matrix speed optimization technology that ensures maximum cooling effect considering optimum power consumption. Also, extensive energy saving intelligent inverter compressors is being used, along with CFC and HFC-free, completely eco-friendly R600A refrigerant. There is an LED light inside the fridge. As a result, electricity saving will be more than 50 percent. As it is non-frost, no ice will accumulate in the inner body. Also, because of the ionizer technology, if any bacteria or virus is present on the preserved food, it will be destroyed automatically. If the door of Walton Smart Fridge is open for more than 1 minute, its door alarm system will ring automatically.

    Tapas Kumar Majumder, head of Walton R&D Department, said, “IoT-based smart technology has been added to the Walton fridge as a continuation of regular research on the technology.” Walton Smart Fridge is being manufactured following BSTI standard 'Bangladesh Standards 1850: 2012' while maintaining international standards.

    Anisur Rahman Mallick, chief executive officer of Walton Fridge, said, smart fridge is a new addition to Walton fridge as well as to the domestic market. This trend of offering more and more new technology and feature rich products to the buyers will be continued. In this regard, the engineers of the Walton R&D team are constantly researching all the latest technologies in the world. He hoped that the new and sophisticated Walton Smart Fridge will be very popular.

    Walton authorities said that every refrigerator is being marketed after obtaining quality control certificate from Bangladesh Accreditation Board recognized and ISO certified international standard testing lab NUSDAT-UTS. With this confidence of the highest quality, Walton Fridge is offering a 12-year guarantee on compressors with a 1-year replacement. In addition, Walton is offering free after-sales service for up to 5 years with 4 years warranty on spare parts. Under the ISO Certified Walton Service Management System, fast after-sales service is being provided to customers from 6 service centers spread across the country.

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