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    Breaking: US forces engaged in military operations in 85 countries in three years, study says
    NBS | Friday, February 26th, 2021 | Published: 3:05 pm

    Breaking: US forces engaged in military operations in 85 countries in three years, study says

    The globe-spanning US military interventions in the aftermath of suspicious 9/11 attacks have had a devastating impact on populations across the world, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians and displacing millions.

    According to Press TV, the new data from researchers at Brown University’s Watson Institute shows that in the last three years alone the US forces have been engaged in operations in at least 85 countries.

    While the study points to Washington’s recent military activities overseas, the country has been a major hegemonic power for decades, as various studies have illustrated.

    Toward the end of World War II, the US had less than 80 military bases abroad, which have now swelled up to 800, as per data from the Pentagon and independent experts.

    In contrast, China, the US’ main rival and a major global economy, has just a single military base abroad, in eastern Africa, which bears testimony to why the US is referred to as the “world’s police”.

    The new study from researcher Stephanie Savell for the Costs of War project at Brown University reveals the staggering human toll the US military invasions have had worldwide, killing hundreds of thousands and rendering more than 37 million homeless.

    In the post 9/11 US military invasions, a total of 335,745 civilians were killed, compared to 259,783 militants, 177,073 national military, 12,468 allied troops and 7,104 US military personnel, the study says.

    It says the US troops, over the past three years, have assisted in ‘counterterrorism’ operations in at least 79 countries, conducted military exercises in 41 countries, engaged in combat in 8 countries and carried out airstrikes in 7 countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.

    These military invasions, which first began with Afghanistan and Iraq at the turn of the millennium, have cost American tax payers about $6.4 trillion.

    According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute data, the US with $731.8 billion military spending in the fiscal year 2019 far exceeded other global powers including China ($261.1), India ($71.1), and Russia ($65.1).


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