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    Breaking: Negotiations in Industrial Marketing – Tehran Times
    NBS | Monday, November 30th, 2020 | Published: 9:14 pm

    Breaking: Negotiations in Industrial Marketing – Tehran Times

    Mehrzad Ferdows attending a Conference held in Dubai told our reporter on the importance of negotiations in industrial marketing that human beings are social beings and that negotiation is the most common way of establishing communication between human beings. Organizations are also social systems made up of humans.

    The goal of negotiation is to agree on legitimate interests, and the same is true in organizations. As communication becomes more diverse and complex, negotiation becomes more complex and difficult and requires expertise. In organizations, we need to pursue our interests legitimately, satisfactorily and fairly, especially when we are the representative of a company or organization in the field of business negotiations and the goal is to best serve the interests of the organization. Negotiation is one of the most important roles that managers spend a significant portion of their time on. But few of them know the art and knowledge of negotiation properly. Hence, many professional managers need an optimal approach in planning and executing negotiations. However, negotiation is the truth of today’s world, in which sometimes conflicting relationships and interests come first, so it must be equipped with expertise to achieve a constructive relationship to optimize legitimate interests and benefit the organization. The first is the duty of the managers of the organization to take care of it. In industrial marketing and inter-organizational relations, negotiation is one of the main issues that is associated with many challenges.

    Mehrzad Ferdows added that our whole life is summarized in relation to others and we need its tools to manage these extensive and complex communications. Negotiation is a tool for establishing, maintaining and improving communication. Negotiation is one of the most common ways of communicating between people. We are negotiating every day and every moment. The field of negotiation continues from the most individual aspects of life to the most complex business relationships. You are negotiating all day. These negotiations do not only happen in the world of work, in daily life. Negotiate with the boss, employees, salesperson, customer, spouse, children, and even the repairman who came home to fix your refrigerator. All of these relationships require endless negotiations. Negotiation is any verbal communication in which you try to get approval, consent, or a specific action from the other party. Many people think that negotiations take place only in the world of work, buying a house or a car, while many of us spend a lot of energy on short one-minute negotiations such as “Dad, can I borrow your car?” And we miss cases like this.

    Mehrzad Ferdows stated that management is one of the most important factors for the growth, life and maturity of organizations. The manager plays important roles in an organization, one of the most important of which is the role of negotiator. Mutual attention to negotiation and seeing it as a dynamic process of controlled exchange of information adds to the positive effects of the negotiator. In business relationships, the risks are often high and therefore it is necessary to plan and prepare for negotiations more carefully. In negotiation, the parties try to influence the negotiation process so that they can have a better deal. Negotiation is an important part of business development in any market. It is estimated that 50% of the time is spent negotiating. Business negotiations are different from other negotiations. Negotiations in B2B business where the organization builds long-term relationships. Creating, maintaining and nurturing relationships is of primary importance for interactions.

    Mehrzad Ferdows added in this regard that in general, the decision to negotiate to select a seller or buyer usually depends on the experience of managers. The complex and insufficient knowledge of the participants is not efficient. In an uncertain environment, the existence of an intelligent system for negotiating the seller / buyer selection process, due to the high dynamics of the system and the need to make decisions in a limited time, is necessary to reduce dependence on personal experience. The smartness of the method will improve the quality of decision-making in negotiation and reduce its time.

    Also, Mehrzad Ferdows stressed in this regard that negotiation is the most important and the most common means of communication between human beings. Man is a social being. As the scope of social life becomes wider, communication becomes more diverse and complex, and as a result, negotiating these diverse and complex relationships becomes more difficult and difficult. This flow of communication requires that the ability and skill of individuals in relation to others increase. With the entry of organizations into human life at the national level, communication becomes more complex. These organizations are very diverse, such as companies, banks, government agencies and the like that all or most of them deal with human social life in some way or another People should negotiate with them, ie with its employees, officials, managers and representatives, so that they can legitimately meet the part of their needs, wants and interests that are within their scope of activity. Increasing the diversity, breadth and complexity of communication in social life is a right. It is an undeniable and definite life that has happened and is happening all over the world. In parallel, this process has created and brought with it another flow, and that is the knowledge and art of negotiation. That is, it is no longer a question of human beings negotiating, but of human beings, especially negotiators at complex levels of communication. The good meaning of negotiation is to be familiar with the principles and techniques of negotiation and to believe & master it in professional stages

    In the end, Mehrzad Ferdows said that most professional managers are aware of the importance of negotiation in life, because they spend a significant amount of time in their professional life negotiating. In addition, their personal life is accompanied by negotiation. Their professional success and effectiveness is strongly influenced by their ability in the art and technique of negotiation. It is their skill or awkwardness in negotiation that shapes the opinions of managers, colleagues, subordinates, customers, competitors and others about the success of their work.Managers spend a lot of time and effort negotiating, but few of them know the art and knowledge of negotiation properly. Therefore, many professional managers need an optimal approach in planning and executing negotiations.

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