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    ZIAUR RAHMAN of the Nation and Present
    NBS | Sunday, September 1st, 2019 | Published: 12:38 am

    ZIAUR RAHMAN of the Nation and PresentZIAUR RAHMAN of the Nation and Present


    Martyr President Ziaur Rahman-He was born on 19 january, 1936 in Lachipur village of Bagbari of Gabtali thana in bogra district. He died on 30 may, 1981 at the Circuit house in Chittagong, while he was president. ZiaurRahman was the winner of the boxing between then the pak-army and tha West Pakistani army (West Pakistan’s representative army officer-pakistani cadet name Latif) with the East Pakistan army (East Pakistan’s representative-army officer Ziaur Rahman) in the first time, he was winner of the Kargil war of the sixties, the announcer of Bangladesh’s independence from the Kalurghat radio station in Chittagong on 26 march, 1970-beginning in the seventies and warrior of that independence (a state title), a very popular leader of the national revolution and solidarity on 7 november, 1975 and the great leader of this crisis, the Founder of Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP, a spokesperson for multi party democracy, the Founder of the economic foundation of the newly independent Bangladesh, the architect of the self-relient Bangladesh, the architect of the independence of the newspaper of Bangladesh, the founder of modern Bangladesh, the first President of Bangladesh.

    Ziaur Rahman’s patriotism for the nation was strong. Since partition in 1947, West Pakistanis discriminate in every field-not only just in the army job but also in socio-political-economical-new jobs and this discrimination continues to grow day by day. The people and political parties of East Pakistan continue to be vocal about this discrimination and in protest, the leader of the East Pakistan Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani said goodbye to the West Pakistanis as the first “ As-salamualikum”. The West Pakistanis issued a legal frame work order at a stage of exploitation and issued an election in 1970. Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani did not participate in the election of 1970 besause legal frame work order was a document of interest of West Pakistan. The Awami League (led by Sheikh Mujib) won this election by participating in the base of legal frame work order. Sheikh Mujib won that election and thought of himself as the future Prime Minister of Pakistan. But the West Pakistanis as a coalition refused to give power to Sheikh Mujib and at one point-West Pakistanis massacre people of East Pakistan by launching “Operation Search Light” on 25 march 1971 and that night-Sheikh Mujib was captured and taken away by the West Pakistanis. On that 25 march in 1971, the black line will come down among the nations. In this regard, then some of Awami League leaders also hid themselves and many of them fled to india. Major Ziaur Rahman came to the spotlight and landed in the role of driver at the catastrophic moment of the nation. He declared Revolt at first form Eight East Bengal Regiment of Chottagong and gradually organized the army and declared independence from the Kalurghat radio station in Chittagong on 26 march in 1971. Below the declaration of independence by Major Ziaur Rahman-

    “Dear fellow freedom fighter's-
    I, Major Ziaur Rahman, Provisional President and commander-in-chief of liberation Army do hereby proclaim independence of Bangladesh and appeal for joining our liberation struggle. Bangladesh is independent. We have waged war for the liberation of bangladesh. Everybody is requested to participate in the liberation war with whatever we have. We will have to fight and liberate the country from the occupation of pakistan Army.

    Inshallah, victory is ours.”
    Upon hearing of the announcement of Major Ziaur Rahman’s independence, the leader of the nation was found and at his call, anyone from all over the country jumped into battle. Ziaur Rahman did not stop proclaiming independence-he fought himself, inspired and organized others to fight. Ziaur Rahman served as the sector commander of sector 1 during the war period. During the war, three force were formed to make the war more dynamic to the ultimate victory. Major Ziaur Rahman served in the Z-Force among 3 Force and fought the Pak-army with valor.

    Then on 16 december,1971-the signing of independence was the final victory at Suhrawardy Gardens. The country is independent. Sheikh Mujib returned to the newly independent country on 10 january after independence and he took over as Prime Minister on 12 january. Major ZiaurRahman also returned to the army after his war in the newly independent country.

    ..Sheikh Mujibur Rahman led the government of an independent country. ..come down to sever famine in 1974. Many people say that due to corruption, loot, there is a sever famine in Bangladesh. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s statement echoes the image of corruption and plunder-“eighty million blankets for seventy million people, where’s my blanket”. In the meantime, all political parties were banned and formed one party-BAKSAL. As aresult, Awami League also become extinct as a party and contains the new name-BAKSAL.Awami League activities and leader also become BAKSAL activities and leader. Political instability is seen. As a result, the situation arising comes down to 15 august. Sheikh Mujib was killed along with relatives and family members-except  Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana. Then Khandaker Mostaq took power. Political instability is going on…. It was the 7 November 1975-revolution and solidarity known as “Nation Revolution and Solidarity Day”. Ziaur Rahman came under the leadership of “National Revolution and Solidarity”. Zaiur Rahman took over from President Abu Sadat Mohammed Saim on 21 april 1977 after coming under leadership and announced 19 point program aimed at moving the country to a prosperous, self reliant, modern and sustainable development. The 19 point that President Ziaur Rahman submitted-was the people’s people’s Certificate of liberation. That is the Development and improvement that is taking place in the country today-all of them are the manifestation of 19 point by Ziaur Rahman. There is no things that Ziaur Rahman did not work there in a short time, as a result- our country fromed the slander of the ‘bottomless basket’ to “Imarzing Tiger”. He also took a breakthrough in the political field. After becoming president, he sows ‘seeds of democracy’ by firstly voting of ‘yes-no votes’ and he won by the votes of yes-no, with about 99%. After becoming president, Ziaur Rahman lifted sanctions from all political parties on 1 may 1978. Exterminated exiled and oppressed democracy, land-robbed human rights and one party government-BAKSAL and introduced “multi-party democracy” for all people to freely and transparently give their views and to make politics for all the citizens of Bangladesh. Which was a unique history for democracy in an independent country. At the same time, time-consuming politics was inaugurated in this country. As a result, Awami League, which was abolished in the formation of BAKSAL, also had the opportunity to do politics under the name “Awami League”.

    …Then Ziaur Rahman founded Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP on 1 september 1978 and bought to power the BNP with direct vote of the people through elections. Under his leadership, BNP won 220 seats out of 3oo seats in Nation Parliament. President Ziaur Rahman presented a unique identity of the citizens of the independent Bangladesh to the world-that is- he recognizes all citizens within the borders of Bangladesh as “Bangladeshi Nationalism”. He gave the first state identity of all the citizens of Bangladesh “BANGLADESHI” in the context of language, agriculture, culture, religion, caste, caste and all other tribes, including Bengali, non-bengali, vede-santal, chakma, monipuretc-that hold on and respecting the aspirations and expectations of the people of the country, repleace “Bangladeshi Nationalism” in the constitution-where our anthropological identity is intact. Ziaur Rahman also achieved significant success in the international arena.

    …..Ziaur Rahman’s activities were for this nation. Ziaur Rahman’s activities and fame spread not only in the country but also to the outside world within a short time. Ziaur Rahman ran from one end of the country to the other in order to build the country and develop sustainable infrastructure and have worked closely with people, one after the other……..Ziaur Rahman worked tirelessly for this country and became the nation’s Ziaur Rahman. He is immortal. The name of Ziaur Rahman has been written in history-which will last forever. The multi-party democracy that Ziaur Rahman founded—that democracy crushed, trampled, unconscious, thrown into the abyss by the present Awami rules. Ordinary people cannot vote for themselves during the Awami Government-that proof of which is the election of 5 january 2014 and 30 december 2018, the national and local level of the national elections at the national and local level.

    The wife of the Declarator of independence of Bangladesh, the first female prime Minister of Bangladesh, three-time former Prime Minister, a pure patriot-uncompromised leader, mother of democracy Begum Khaleda Zia, who talks about looting, preventing corruption, voting for the general public, security, human rights.

    The ruling Awami League Government imprisons Begum Khaleda Zia for speaking out of corruption and welfare of the people and she got ill in a malicious environment in an abandoned building in a false case despite being granted bail by a high court. As if naked, invisible intervention of the ruling party over the judiciary. Not only BNP leaders, activists, but also the general public want unconditional release of Begum Khaleda Zia in a conspiracy game on her’s bail. People think that Begum Khaleda Zia release means  the release of the liberation of the franchise, the liberation of democracy.

    Begum Khaleda Zia and Tariq Rahman, as Zia has done for the nation, have continued the process of running the party and welfare of the nation by tackling all the conspiracies. Begum Khaleda Zia may win the Nobel Prize for her uncompromised struggle and pure patriotism.

    Ziaur Rahman, Begum Khaleda Zia and Tareq Rahman means Zia’s family is in rice brans of each and every house in the hills, rivers, canals, bills, sea-plains from teknaf to tatulia and rupsa to pathuria in Bangladesh-which will not disconnected any conspiracy. That is why people are wondering-Nationalist forces will be victorious in this fight to restore democracy.

    Writer : Journalist and Columnist.

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