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    NBS | Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 | Published: 1:49 am



    After the partition of india in 1947, the west Pakistanis were being ruled,exploited and deprived of East Pakistan or today’s Bangladesh. The mass upsurge occurred in 1969 when East Bengal gradually came to protest and as a result of thish movement, the Pakistan rulers were forced to take part in the elections in the 1970s. But there has a condition in the election that “a legal frame work order in the election-which is a document of the self-interest of West-pakistan. Apart from Awami League, all political parties including Mawlana Bhasani’s NAP cancels the election. Awami League get majority in this election.But Pakistani rulers reluctant to give power to Awami League chief Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. For this-Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the Pakistani regime also attended the meeting more than once. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman desperately wants to take power in Pakistan and Pakistanis are reluctant to leave power to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Thus came to stay on 25th march 1971. Despite repeated meetings, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did not give up on taking Pakistani power, the West Pakistani regime killed on 25 March 1971  the East Pakistanis that known as “Operation Search Light” and at the same time on 25 march Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested and lodged in prison in West Pakistan. Some other Awami League leaders fled to India and some one go into hiding.

    Here’s the reference-[At one stage, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s one of the most intimate Syed Taj Uddin Ahmed asked Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to declare independence. But Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did not listen to Syed Taj Uddin Ahmed’s speech-that is, do not declare Independence.

    When the Pakistani invaders attacked the Bangalis on march 25th 1971 and the main political leader of that time Sheikh Mujibur Rahman still refused to declare independence. In recent times,there are proofs in the various books written on “Liberation War of Purbachar, ‘taj uddin ahmad –leader and Father’, or The former minister of Awami League Government and deouty commander of the liberation War A.K. Khandaker wrote ’71: inside-outside and the history of Bangladesh’s independence and liberation war. Dark came down on the people of East Pakistan. The people of this country have become disillusioned. There is no one else to provide leadership.

    In the light of this nation, in the darkness, in the middle of the eight East Bengal Regiment, the responsibility of Major Ziaur Rahman. He first announced that ‘we revolt….”. After that, 26 march 1971, organized by the other army members,  Major Ziaur Rahman declared independence of Bangladesh from Kalurghat radio station of Chittagong-which was later broadcast from the Kalurghat radio station till 27,28,29,30 March. Declaration is fellow that-

    Dear fellow freedom fighter’s-
    I, Major Ziaur Rahman, Provisional Presiden and commander-in-chief of liberation Army do hereby proclaim independence of Bangladesh and appeal for joining our liberation struggle. Bangladesh is independent. We have waged war for the liberation of bangladesh. Everybody is requested to participate in the liberation war with whatever we have. We will have to fight and liberate the country from the occupation of pakistan Army.
    Inshallah, victory is ours.

    The announcement of the independencd from Kalurghat radio station of Chittagong by the voice of Major Ziaur Rahman. After hearing the announcement of Major Ziaur Rahman’s independence, all  of this country’s people jumped into the war. Major Ziaur Rahman did not stop with the announcement of independence, he had fought himself. Major Ziaur Rahman has declared the independence that said different time the leader’s of the different countries.

    General Rao Farman Ali of Pakistan army, Journalist jyoti sengupta of india, During the liberation war, PKO Siddiq salik of tikka khan, India Army officer Sukhnat Singh, Indian Joint Commander L: G: JFR Jacob, Prime Minister Taj Uddin Ahmad’s political secretary Maidul Hasan, prominent politician Oli Ahad –all of them said that Major Ziaur Rahman has announced independence……..It is proved that Major Ziaur Rahman declared independence on26 march 1971.

    Writer: Journalist and Columnist

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