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    NBS | Sunday, March 10th, 2019 | Published: 1:07 pm



    The politic’s of Bangladesh is thorny-Democracy is almost dead. After the anti-autocracy movement in 1990-The demise of Democracy lost in the early 1980 begain again, at the beginning of the new Democracy in 1990, Bangladesh wrote a new name in political history-Independent Bangladesh became the first female prime minister to BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia. After finishing his term, he returned to power in 1996 with election. But Awami league with jamaat called for strikes and non-cooperation movement for the election under ‘caretaker government’. Both Awami league and jamaat celebrations hortal continuously 173 days.At that time, BNP Government led by Begum Khaleda Zia abandoned the government thinking about the welfare of the people and establishing a non-party neutral ‘caretaker government’, she gave the election. Awami League came to power with 146 seats in the election and the opposition BNP has 116 opposition seats in the country’s history. Awami League left the power after the expiration of 2001 and hold election under the caretaker government and BNP alliance came to power with a landslide victory.

    Then BNP release power to the caretaker government in 2006. It has been said that Awami League was not able to win the election under the caretaker government, so-Awami Leag continued to pretend and Awami League came to power ‘Fakhruddin-Moinuddin’ and  ‘Fakhruddin-Moinuddin’ Gong remained democratically for two years and hold election and Awami League won this election.

    Awami League became a ruling and demolished democracy. The caretaker government system discontinued by Awami League form the constitution. The opposition party of BNP struggled-movement on this issue in the streets. The opposition leaders and activities or critics of the Government are abduction in this country and this culture is continuously going on. Started form BNP leaders M Ilias Ali, Noor Alam Chowdhury, which has not yet ended. It seems that a particular ‘alien force’ came and abduction- those ‘alien force’ are adducted only the opposition party leaders, activities and  critics of the Government. None of the government parties (Awami League) have gone missing. It comes in the 5th City Election in 2013-which was fair and neutral. As a result, BNP won and Awami League was defeated in 5 city corporation election. In this, the rulling Awami League continued the suppression and oppression on the opposition party mainly BNP. Meanwhile, 05 january 2014, the 10th parliamentary election is fixed. Only 12 (almost) parties, including Awami league alliance participated in this election. Most of the parties, including the BNP alliance, boycotted this election and BNP coalition called for the movement of “march for democracy”. However, the BNP’s alliance did not come to this election-Eaelier election, Awami League won 154 seats without competition by Rakibuddin election commission-which is an unprecedented event in the history of the democratic world.

    BNP leaders and activities arrest by ruling Awami League administration after BNP calling for the movement of “March  for Democracy’ and a few days before 05 January, the roads, railway and waterways of the country separated with Dhaka. Awami League Govern: guarded at busstands, railway station, river, ports by the police-administration with their cadres-no one can come to Dhaka form anywhere. As the whole country was blocked. BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia was kept under house arrest and top leaders, activities and supporters were also arrested. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced that it was the election of the rule to protect and in a short time, will take a participatory neutral eelection with all political parties. 05 January 2014 elections are held in confined state and only 5% of the votes are held in the election. The dogs were asleep in the polling station. There were no polls in many polling centers. The people said that such a election is a voterless, non-candidates who has no choice. After the election, the prime Minister has forgotten about participating in holding a participatory election in short term. Meanwhile, according to the Prime Minister brief, one of the biggest parties BNP gave a years time of Awami league Government.But during this time, the election is too far, Awami league has shown a strong attitude towards the opposition parties leaders and activities. On 05 january 2015 the BNP decided to observed ‘Democracy Killing or ‘Black Day’ and called the uninspired blockade movement across the country. Begum Khaleda Zia was kept under house arrest almost three months at her Gulshan’s political office by the ruling Awami League and their police administration. On 05 january 2015 Begum Khaleda Zia wants to come to participate in his declared Nayapaltan program, she is kept locked in the main gate of his gulshan office and paper sprayed on her. Yet Begum Khaleda Zia and her party leaders-workers did not get hurt. Gas, electricity, water, food, all the means of communication including net were stopped at her gulshan political office. Popular singer Baby Naznin was arrested by the police for wanting to go inside the gulshan political party office with some food for Begum Khaleda Zia. For this, people have seen democracy in this ruling Awami League period. Meanwhile, Begum Khaleda Zia’s younger son Arafat Rahman Koko died in Malaysia after being treated. This also does not stop the repression of the Government. Begum Khaleda Zia and her party leaders and activities continued the movement by making mourning power. Late Arafat Rahman Koko’s funeral, at the Baitul Mukarram premises-there was a lot of people that 2nd largest funeral only after the largest funeral of the martyr President Ziaur Rahman. Seeing the crowds of people in funeral, the ruling party Awami League was making new reckoning.

    If 2/1 of the buses were in the block, who would throw petrol bombs in moving buses. The ruling party blames the BNP and the BNP said that the ruling party is killing by petrol bomb in the same way as a gun powder to change the attitude of the people to curb our movement. As a result, it does not identify who is blamed. Then strategically, the Government announced of city election on 28 april 2015 and police-administration gradually picked up from Begum Khaleda Zia’s political office. Begum Khaleda Zia came out from her political office of gulshan after being blocked for about 3 months and go back to her home. 3 city election was held on 28 april 2018 and although BNP participated in this election, their agents did not allow the entry in vote center and due to vote fraud-BNP boycott this election. After that, all the nuber of local and national election that took place during Awami League’s period-the votes were taken for theft-robbery, fraud, fearful election.

    In this way, the eleventh parliamentary elections are coming….BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia was imprisoned in asingle verdict by the court 11 months before the 11 parliamentary elections-only five cases in her names and in the name of the ruling party’s leader Sheikh Hasina, Begum Khaleda Zia’s 3 times 15 cases. Awami League in power, these 15 case took place within 3 months and in the name of the opposition leaders and workers, many more new cases.

    BNP consistently performed peaceful programs for the release of Begum Khaleda Zia and during the celebration of these programs arrest many leaders and activists, fear on remand. BNP leader-worker means that they have no democratic rights. Suffrage without penalty for free, arrested without a warrant-on the eve of the eleventh parliamentary elections, it was as if the result of BNP leaders and activists “stay silent, or get arrested and go to jail” and on the otherhands, Awami League votes were so much like this-“I will give my vote, I will give your vote-we will all vote for all. During this election, it is seen that the candidates of the Awami League alliance campaigned freely but BNP candidates could not not only post the poster but also campaign freely. Awami cadres, with the help of police-administration, are tearing  poster of  BNP and the Awami League cadres, including the police-administration, attacked them when the BNP alliance candidates started campaigning. It is an example that BNP candidates was short in the head or in the chest or any other organs by the police and also arresting is running. Then the ballot box was completed before the election on 30 December-that was caught by BBC’s camera. It is seen that the number of votes received more than the total votes in one constituency is higher. The identifired BNP voters were not allowed to enter the vote centre. Awami cadres, activists, supporters gave one more than one vote-police-administration fully supports, the Army and cooperates with other law-enforcers remains silent. As a result, Democracy goes to die. Before the voting-arrest, case, assault, remand, jail, torture and the usual voters home, leaving the house to fear was the custom by Awami cadres and their associate police-administration. On the other hands an unprecedented results were seen of 300 seats-288 of Awami League alliance, 07 seats of BNP alliance, the remaining independent candidates among of these. There was a far difference vote between the candidates of the Awami League and BNP candidates. Heavyweight candidates have been denied security in this election by …..

    The situation was such that in the minds of the people there was a feeling that “the people of the country were asleep in fear, Awami cadres and police-administration freely gave multiple votes”. As a matter of fact, here is a note that the number of new voters in the eleventh parliamentary election was significant. They had hoped in their minds that they would first vote in life-many new voters bought new dresses to vote. They can not vote their desired vote, not only without support to the Awami League government, but also have turned away to the Awami League government. They have understood how will be voted in this Government period. Recently, the picture of voting of Dhaka North City Corporation was seen-the voters did not go too far to vote. Many centers were empty votes. Today the question arrises that the present government has zeroed in on voters in the last quarter of the country on the last way of democracy. Because-Democratic rights of every person’s right to vote or franchise-which is also the political rights of the people. What is the political rights of the people today ? Can people give themselves today itself? May support one’s favorite team? If anybody or supporters form a party outside the Awami League alliance, now-a-days he or she becomes anti liberation. Now, people can go on the streets with their political rights. If he or she is going on….he or she is a victim of crippling life, murder, disappearance, kidnapping. People today are deprived of political rights in the rule of monotheism. Today people think that ideas are born that- In the current ruling era, democratic politics has not been adorned but corrupt politics or scandle politics. But people do not want corrupt politics-want democratic politics.

    Writer: Journalist and Columnist.

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