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    Perspective: politics – ALBATROSS AND PHOENIX BIRDS
    NBS | Friday, January 11th, 2019 | Published: 2:16 pm

    Perspective: politics - ALBATROSS AND PHOENIX BIRDSPerspective: politics – ALBATROSS AND PHOENIX BIRDS


    In the present context, the title of the two birds `Albatross and Phoenix’ compare two groups of political parties of Bangladesh are presented as parables which reflects the reality.

    Here in the political arena, a group consisting of large albatross bird’s sorted by the wings, feathers. The sorted  Albatross tools are police-administration,  RAB, BDR, Army, Ansar, Courts and their own cadres. That is, the Awami league alliance holds the sorted Albatross with 288 seats out of 300 seats and for this they used the state machinery. State machinery means police-administration, RAB, BDR, Army, Ansar and Courts.The work of these state unit was to treat all political parties equally during the election. But these states did not do it-that’s not always good.

    Before the election, Awami league alliance candidates and workers uninterrupted campaigns and posters. Police-administration helped if needed and there was also an example of solidarity with them . 

    On the other’s hand, both Awami league cadres and police-administration did not put any posters of BNP candidates-workers, supporters and voters. BNP activists arrested or chased by police when BNP activists posted the poster and when the poster was printed, the pressmen were forbidden to print by showing fear of both Awami league cadres and police-administration. Awami league cadres with the help of police attacked BNP candidate’s campaigning. Police shot the BNP candidate, Police shot in two eye’s of BNP worker’s in sirajgang. Police arrested many BNP leaders and worker’s and sent them to jail.

    …….This is how it comes in the 30 December, 2018 vote’s. Both Awami league cadres and police-administration did not allow BNP agents to enter in many centers of the country on the day of voting, have been arrested if needed.  Awami terror’s entered the centre and one man cast many vote, the police-administration helped them without obstructing. BBC journalist watched the ballot box full before the vote (source-daily dinkal). It is said to vote for the voters, “Give fingers, get ink, vote ends-go home (source-daily Nayadigonto). In Khulna-1 constituency, there were 22,419 votes more than the total voters. But many voters of that seat have died, have gone abroad. Their votes were cast by stolen of Awami league cadres-these are as if ghostly votes. In this way, most of the daily newspapers, the allegations of repression and irregularities voting were revealed. Is it Democracy? Although the army may be silent. In fact, on the day of votting, Police-administration, RAB, BDR, army, Ansar, Courts and Awami terror’s become together, actually a large BNP was reduced to the way of oppression and didn’t accepted any law and order. On 30 december 2018, both Awami govt. and police-administration made small phoenix birds the BNP and  sorted Albatross was himself.

    People have observed these and understood well. The biggest hope- due to repression of the government and police-administration against the BNP and the people of the every house of the country have gone to mind the BNP-never vanish that. Once people can vote in neutral, free, transparent and fair voting-only then will the would look of BNP at the number of people living in the red and green Bengle ?

    On that day, Albatross feathers, wings, forehead and body which sorted by police-administration, RAB, BDR, Army, Ansar, Courts and their own cadres-that will open up in the people movement storm’s. That means Democracy will be restored.

    That day the phoenix birds called BNP will wake up. The sorted wings, feathers and body of Albatross will fall by  the awakening of that movement. And from the time of torture,  oppression, the BNP will win in Bangladesh and the world by flying like a phoenix bird. As a result, the victory of the Phoenix bird and the Albatross birds will be damaged and inactive. Then, all the demands of the people will be met.

    Writer: Journalist and Columnist


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