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    People want Free, Fair and Neutral election
    NBS | Thursday, December 27th, 2018 | Published: 5:50 am

    People want Free, Fair and Neutral electionPeople want Free, Fair and Neutral election


    ‘People want free, fair and neutral elections’-this title and current electional environment of Bangladesh is as same as ? Now that environment prevails if people want free, fair and neutral elections . The current electional environment is- both police forces and Awami terror’s attacked, arrested, remand and jail of the opposition party BNP or National United Front’s candidates and leaders-workers and they gave new case in their (BNP or National United Front) name. 

    In Shariatpur, BNP candidates Mia Noor Uddin Apu shot by police while he is campaigning. As a result, his life goes on…..and quickly brought him to Dhaka by aeroplane. People have learned those through media or social media. People understand-it is democratic environment ? There are no seat among 300 seats where BNP or National United Front’s candidates, leaders and workers are not cought in both police and Awami terrorism. Women candidates of BNP are not being exempt from harassment. BNP candidates of cox’sbazar, Hasina Ahamed is blocking at her house now in a week. BNP candidates of Natore, Sabina yesmin is not allowed to leave in her house. People know that by Media.

    On 25 December, the scheduled time for campaigning under the pre-announcement of the election seats in Dhaka City South area of the National United Front was scheduled. But the police did not go out any candidates of BNP or National United Front’s, rather banned-you don’t leave. On the otherhand Awami or their Alliance candidates have campaign freely and police did more to co-operate without obstructing.      ….Because exists this environment, our country cannot be called both the police and Awami cadre state now?

    Yet, BNP or National United Front candidates, leaders and workers did not stop. They are campaigning against the obstacles. People are easily know of these through social media and others media. People are taking their decisions and they will vote for which symbol or party and alliance on 30 December 2018.

    People do not want the election of 05 january, 2014.  05% of the votes were cast in that election and E.C. declared 05% to be 40%. There were not voters in that election-were dogs. Awami cadres, agents and some returning officers were cast more than more vote on their symbol by tactics. Awami league has elected  154 members of the constituencies by non voting. The election Commission was spineless and the police force was a spoiler. People do not want to pic such dog mark’s election. People want responsibility for the profession of police and law enforcement agancies. People wants equal opportunities for campaigning of all parties and all candidates in the election. People wants neutral role of Election Commission, the law-enforcers and the current Government for that everyone can vote for themselves easily.

    People have already decided in mind that they will vote for which party or symbol for the arrest, imprisonment, suits, remand, torture and repression. Because people are sources of all power. People’s vote in the election can be corrected of all environment. People wants free, fair, transparent, neutral and festive election in any way and according to the exact calculation and the right expression and the power of the winning team. People want their franchise and Democracy.

    Writer: Journalist and Columnist.


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