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    Go Ahead Bangladesh with Spirit of Independence
    NBS | Thursday, December 27th, 2018 | Published: 5:46 am

    Go Ahead Bangladesh with Spirit of IndependenceGo Ahead Bangladesh with Spirit of Independence

    – Sakib Hasan –

    The moment a human being is motivated by an impassioned love for his/her motherland, he/she straightway goes to the extreme and simply becomes an unstoppable entity. On the eve of our great War of Liberation in 1971, each and every male and female of this soil barring a negligibly few ones was driven to the limit by an indestructible flame of patriotism that eventually gave birth to an independent Bangladesh. It was simply unthinkable then as to how a sheer defenceless nation with the barest minimum military preparations and equipment would be able to fight back one of the then mightiest regular armies of the world. The environment around is heating up gradually with the upcoming 11th National Election in the background. With the same unstoppable spirit of 1971, Bangladesh will again beat back the successors of the defeated reactionary elements of 1971.

    When a nation is driven by a rock-solid determination for the greatest cause under the leadership of a super-charged charismatic leader, no evil power can ever stop its onward march towards the decisive goal. Yes, the Bengali nation of the then East Pakistan was absolutely transformed into an indestructible fiery mind under the unswervingly dauntless leadership of the founding father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangabandhu was such a rarest breed of firebrand leader who is almost incomparable in history given his charismatic power of organising mass people to turn fury into all-engulfing fire that burnt to the ashes the ferro-concrete power bases of the then Pakistani colonial rulers.

    Today’s Bangladesh is fast advancing on the super highway of development under the able and dynamic leadership of Janonetrii, mother of humanity, the honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. We have already attained the prestigious status of middle-income country. Our dream Padma Bridge is fast nearing completion on our own funding absolutely under the courageous initiative of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. However, the young generation of today can hardly imagine the excruciating pain and unbearable sufferings that Bangabandhu had to undergo throughout his whole life just for the birth of an independent Bangladesh. Although we attained our final military victory against the Pakistani colonial forces on Dec.16, 1971, the preparations for bringing home the fruits of independence began decades before 1971.

     Since the creation of the state of Pakistan in 1947 on the concept of two-nation theory of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the then undivided India, the rulers of the then West Pakistan looked upon the Bengalis of the East Pakistan as pro-Indian and discriminated us beyond any civilised rationale. Despite eligibility and competence, Bengalis were increasingly deprived of all just and rightful facilities and privileges like employment, businesses etc. and thus the Bengalis of the then East Pakistan got continually marginalised. This morbid discrimination masterminded by the West Pakistani evil axis actually sowed the seeds of today’s independence.

    The West Pakistani colonial rulers made the first assault on our mother language by imposing Urdu as the state language of Pakistan. The Bengali students of Dhaka University categorically protested the blatantly outrageous declaration of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. This was the beginning of our movement for the right of self-determination. The Indo-Pak war of 1965 marked a practical awakening of the Bengalis of the then East Pakistan because immediately after the war we came to realise on the ground as to how defenceless we were during the war. In the wake of the war, Bangabandhu declared his historic 6-point charter of demands, the great charter of emancipation of the Bengali nation, taking full cognisance the utter vulnerability of the Bengalis in the hands of the Pakistani colonial rulers.

    Mention may be made here that right from the language movement down to all movements heading for self-determination Bangabandhu actively participated not as a layman but as a prospective future leader who showed all brilliance of able leadership and indomitable courage meant to build the proverbial Sonar Bangla. Only for organising the third and fourth class employees of Dhaka University in realising their just demands, Bangabandhu lost his studentship of the university. He had been sent into jail on a number of occasions by the Pakistani junta but they never ever were able to crack his eternally unbreakable commitment for his country even the slightest.

    Our great founding father of the nation is no more with us but he has left behind an independent Bangladesh and a long trail of glorious legacy of not bowing down before evil forces. Treading on glorious legacy of Bangabandhu, Bangladeshis will not lose their right direction in materialising his unfinished battle for building Sonar Bangla. Through the immortal lines of Walt Whitman, I would like to pay homage to our great Father of the Nation, ‘‘Oh Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is done.” Now the people of Bangladesh are solidly united by one common unifying spirit of War of Liberation which is nothing but building of Sonar Bangla – the golden Bangladesh where there will be no discrimination, exploitation and deprivation. In the month of victory, we will have to renew our unflinching commitment yet again in that we will carry the ongoing wave of development from strength to strength under Bangabandhu’s able successor Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

    Let the month of victory be the end for the conspirators who are tirelessly hatching conspiracies against Bangladesh. The successors of the conspirators who trumped up Agartala Conspiracy case and perpetrated the heinous genocide of history in 1971 are round the corner again. But Bangladesh is now keenly vigilant against these defeated elements and their conspiracies. Powered by the eternal flame of patriotism ignited in our souls by our great founding father Bangabandhu, people of Bangladesh will surely thwart all evil attempts of the conspirators and the long march towards building Sonar Bangla will eventually reach home triumphantly.
    The writer is an Assistant Professor of English, Bogura Cantonment Public School & College.

    E-mail:[email protected]

    Source: daily-sun.com


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