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    NBS | Tuesday, December 25th, 2018 | Published: 12:01 am



    Human mind is diverse and varied. It is a great achievement to get the spot or located in mind-generally as same as if there is a good quality or special qualification or skill. Most of the people of Bangladesh are in the current 11th parliamentary elections-which will be held on 30 December 2018 on Sunday.

    Eleventh parliamentary elections are very important in Bangladesh. Because, the biggest political party BNP is participating in this election. 

    Again, people are desperate to promote their franchise in this election. Because, people could not give up their own vote till the election of o5 January, 2014 and till today. When voting, Awami miscreants sit in the center, fears and said that you have been voted to go to the house. Again, before the voting, the fears of the opposition parties threatened and they also arrested, remanded and jailled. On the otherhand, Awami terror’s had filled up  in the ballot box packing with their symbol and all local and national elections held in the same way during the Awami Government. Now the eleven parliamentary elections are upcoming . There is no neutral role of the police-administration-the election commission in this election. Hold case, arrested, harassment of the police force against the opposition party BNP and seems to be that they should have any Awami league force. As if It is not their job to serve the Republic and their job is to protect the Awami League and arrested, harass the BNP leaders and workers. Recently seen that the Awami miscreants along with the police force did not put any posters of BNP in Dhaka city including others city and did not allow the campaign to run.When the BNP posters were pulled, the Awami miscreants attacked the stick and the police looked at them. Rather, the Awami Leage along with the police has attacked the BNP. An example can be understood. Candifates of DHAKA 9  constituency Afroza abbas ran for election campaign, Chhatra League, jubo League and Awami cadres attacked, beaten women with hair sticks in front of the police. The police came and remove the Awami cadres but did not arrested them. The question arises in mind of people that police-administration cannot see any sabotage here. However, this police-administration brought the rider house to the BNP leader and workers, despite not taking the case he took remand in the case of sabotage, secured bail for long.

    The election commission bites the BNP candidates with pressure. Election Commission announces the candidacy of BNP candidate by the ruling Awami government. Even though the Awami League candidates are still alive to have their crutches.

    One of the best examples of bias. Election Commission secretary is a bigger Awami League than Awami leaders. When the BNP candidates, leader and workers filed these allegations of police-administration in favor of the election commission. He replied that no more charges will be taken against the police-administration. The question has been raised in the public that Secratery of the election Commission performing the responsibility of protecting the Awami League from constitutional responsibility.

    No money was found. The BNP Chairperson is imprisoned for the false case. If he wants to hold the eleven parliament, then the Government cancels it though courtesies. The case was more than 3 higher than Khaleda zia in the name of the ruling Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina. There was a case of corruption, extortion and murder in the name of Sheikh Hasina. She took his own case when he came to power. Beginning of BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA, despite holding bail with more false case. This is the example of the biggest discrimination among the current rules of the world.

    But as many as BNP’s election posters prevented them. As much as the attacked on the campaign. As much as the police-administration should arrest. Mother of Democracy Begum Khaleda Zia is a bail in a false case, Withholding without bail, do not get medical or surgical treatment by taking sick and keep sitting in wheelchair. Do not participate in the election, BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA and symbol of `dhaner seesh’ mixed in the mind of the people. Which can no longer be deleted. Which will be reflected in the 30 December, 2018 by ballot paper and these people have given the Awami vote to stop the robbery and the exact result of the voting is like a foreshandenic figure. It will prove that the people are the sources of all power.

    Writer: Journalist and Columnist.


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