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    Thinking of New Generations voting
    NBS | Friday, December 21st, 2018 | Published: 1:43 pm

    Thinking of New Generations votingThinking of New Generations voting


    New generation voting is very important in forming a country’s Government. The political parties who will be achieved more votes of new generation, they will go ahead to form the government. The 11th parliamentary election hold on 30 December 2018 in BANGLABESH. New Generations voting is very important in this election. In the last 10 years, the number of voters increased by 2 million 31 lakh 3 thousand 477 people. These new voters will cast more than any party or alliance, depending on the activities of the political parties. After reviewing the socio-political status of Bangladesh in a decade, ideas about voting for new voters will be found.

    Recently seen that Kota reform movement of the students of other educational institution including Dhaka University. They highlighted the rational deaman of quota reform in employment recruitment. But Government beaten them by the police. The students and journalists were injured by thr police with the help of helmet and armed terrorism groups. The Police-administration and government did nothing to the helmet and armed terrorism groups. The movement of students continued to be more vigorously. At one stage, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stood in the parliament and said, cancel all quota-there will be no quota. After a few months passed, no gazette was published. In the meantime, the freedom fighter ministry briefed that the high court ordered to keep the freedom fighter quota (actually there was no directive or criticism). Again the quotq reformers demanded on the streets and again the students were injured by the police with the help of helmet and armed terrorism groups. But, the police with the help of helmet and armed terrorism groups did not injured anybody on the side of the quota rather they kept and safe them. As a result, New generation got the idea that the Government is working on the shade to injured them. ……coming election in front. Gazette has not been published yet. This New Generation gave some of their manifesto to the political parties. In view of these incidents, this new generation will decide their voting that means they will give vote which party or alliance.

    College students Abdul karim and Mim were killed due to reckless driving. In this, school-college students all over the country chanted slogans on the street. All conscientious people including parents-civil society support them. The movement of students come out of the police-administration, judges, minister-in-chief of the Government, political leaders unlimited irregularities and corruption. The judge has no car license. The Minister’s car is driving on the other lane of road  . There is no license of motorcycle or no helmet of police and Gaza is found in their cars. These unlimited irregularities-corruption saw the people of all over the country. Now on the coming vote, they will decide that they will give vote which party or alliance.

    New Generations have seen continuous disappearance, kidnapping, murder, rape, false case, torture in the past decade. These are those who criticize the government over them, especially on BNP leaders and workers. Although the occurrence did not happen, the cases were filed in the name of BNP leaders and workers and  arrested, remanded, imprisoned, tortured. Besides, New Generation has been seen seven murders in narayangang, BDR killings, Biswojit kill and reckless action of Chhatra League’s. Observe those, new voters will decide that they will give vote which party or alliance.

    During the present Awami government, new generation is seeing how the votes of City, Municipal, Union Porishad were  held. Voters have been scared by the Awami terrorism to go to their house. Voter could not vote themselves. The cadres of the ruling party had already filled the ballot box. These voters, including the new voters are thinking that they will have to vote for themselves anyhow. One have to get the right to vote oneself and they will vote for the party or the alliance in this work.

    The new voters are noticing what is happening after the schedule is announced. After the announcement of the schedule, the election meeting at Ganobhaban-which violates the code of conduct. After the announcement of the schedule, foundation stones have been established and inaugurated-which violates the code of conduct. After the announcement of the schedule-at public expense, running a public car the campaign is not in violation of the code of conduct ?

    In the election time generation is seen that the police-administration is arresting the main opposition party BNP leaders and workers but they are not arresting anyone of the Awami leage leaders and workers. Again, the present Awami Government is saying that one thing but doing anothers. Awami said that the voting environment will not be wasted but their workers are constantly attacking the BNP campaign. And the EC is also the more obedient salve-he says that the election environment is okay. This is the situation that-the generation have realized. During the voting, they will decide which party or alliance they will vote for.

    After the announcement of the schedule, Cancellation of nomination of opposition party, especially BNP. For the same reason, the nomination of the Awami league is valid and the nomination of the BNP is not illegal after it is in favor. New Generation see these and they are making a decision in mind what they will do ? That means they choose a party or coalition by voting, then these wrongs will not be done and the decision to voting for any party or alliance may also be taking away all voters including generations. All voters including new voters want to vote themselves. That is, the demand democratic rights. Wants free, fair, transparent, neutral participatory election and want to publish the correct results of this election. They want to live in peace, seek security. Don’t want looting, theft, robbey, corruption, wants development for sustainable development. Above all want appropriate employment and these commitments will give whose party or alliance and they want to vote for them to vote. All voters including new voters or generations will be seen in the last decade-a party or alliance which is making those effortlessly and which party or alliance has been protesting against them.

    All voters including new voters will probably decide from the overall thought of this. They will cast a party or alliance by voting to power. Because, the people are the sources of all power.

    Writer: Journalist and Columnist


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