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    Generation expectation of Victory Day
    NBS | Sunday, December 16th, 2018 | Published: 4:54 pm

    Generation expectation of Victory DayGeneration expectation of Victory Day


    On 26 march, 1971, the liberation war started with the announcement of Major Ziaur Rahman’s independence. The country was liberated on 16 December,1971, through a bloody war of 9 months. As a result, on 16 December is our great Victory Day. The country was liberated for the democracy rights-where is this rights now ? In the 1970`s elections, the majority of the party (Awami League) did not take power. As a result, The liberation war begins-that was the democratic process. The 1970 election means that was the elected representative elected by the people’s votes.It is not because of liberation war.

    After decades of independence democracy is still questioned. This is the question of how much human rights or democracy are now. This is the time of the campaign for eleven parliamentary elections in Bangladesh is going on. According to the constitutional rules, the field of election for all politicale parties will be equal-that means the election-level playing field will be equal. But, that situation in the country is in this election?

    The election campaign of Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamgir was attacked by Awami League terrorist. On the otherside, obaidul Quader ran election campaign on police protection. So what is the equal field of the election ? That’s the generation question? But the Generation want’s equal election grounds for everyone.

    National unity front leader D. kamal hossain’s leaders and workers are attacked. They were injured. The police station is again a GD in D. Kamal Hossain. On the other hand, 14 party alliance leader Sheikh Hasina’s assault was given a great deal of security. Then the election-level playing field is equal.Here also the questions remain in the minds of generations. Generation wants election level playing field is equal. Generation do not want discrimination.

    Throughout the countrywide campain of national unity leaders and leader’s of BNP were attacked, vandalized and massacred. police do not provide security. On the other hand,The police guard the leader’s of the awami-alliance, give security. So what is equql to the election level playing field? Generation do not want that. They want equal right’s.

    In big cities, especially in Dhaka city BNP candidates can not post their posters and can not communicate for the election campaign. Being torn off and going on attack to BNP leaders and workers. As a result, they can not run the campaign and arrested, remanded, imprisoned, tortured are continuing. On the otherhand, the Awami League is spreading unnecessarily campaign and posters. So what is the election level playing field in Bangladesh. The Generation wants epual election level playing field.The generation wants to stop the case, arrested, jail, remand, harassment. Generation seeks equal opportunities for everyone in the election. Generation wants free, transparent, fair, neutral participatory election. Generation wishes to give their own votes as desired by the generation. The Generation wants to be free votting centre from intensely grabbing, fearful, terrorized . According to the correct account of the voted votes and the correct expression according to the calculation. The Victory Day demands democracy rights of generations. Generation wants to the victory of Democracy.

    Writer: Journalist and Columnist.


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