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    Walton to increase nut, bolt and screw production centering growing demand
    NBS | Friday, November 30th, 2018 | Published: 1:07 pm

    Walton to increase nut, bolt and screw production centering growing demandWalton to increase nut, bolt and screw production centering growing demand

    The Bangladeshi multinational electronics and electrical brand Walton has planned to increase the production of its nut, bolt and screw, which are called as fasteners or industrial solutions in the engineering sector, to meet the growing demands of locally made fasteners. 

    To this extent, Walton is going to install most advanced machineries at its nut, bolt and screw manufacturing unit at Chandra in Gazipur with the aim of raising the production capacity of the existing unit by triple. Also, they are increasing the number of workforce of the unit. 

    Mentionable, fasteners are one of the most important light engineering items, which are used in heavy engineering as well as different manufacturing industries like furniture, automobiles, electrical and electronics appliances etc. These are used to hold more than one object together or for making strong bonds which are not broken even at high amount of pressure. Thus, the uses of highest standard fasteners are very much important for the products’ durability.  

    Earlier, most of the local demands of fasteners were met with the imported items, As a result, the country has to spend lots of foreign currency to pay the import bills. Besides, both the importers and the users had to wait for couple of months to get the imported items. But, this import dependency had been reduced with the start of local productions of nut, bolt and screw by Walton in 2017. 

    In this regard, Md Nasir Uddin, proprietor of New Nasir Hardware at Johnson Road in the old capital, said, earlier he imported a large volume of nut, bolt and screw. During that time, he had to incur more costs and time. Often, he did not get the quality imported products as per his requirement to the supplier. 

    But, the supply of Walton made fasteners helped him stop the import and save huge amount of costs and time, he said adding, the quality of Walton fasteners is up to the international standard. 

    Abdur Rouf, head of Industrial Solutions Department of Walton, said, they are manufacturing world-class nut, bolt and screw with sophisticated machineries at Walton Hi-Tech Industries. 

    He said that the annual production capacity of their unit is around 1800 tons whereas Walton uses about 360 to 400 tons fasteners annually to manufacture its wide ranges of hi-tech appliances.

    Thus, they planned to supply the rest of the production capacity to both the local and the overseas companies, saying it he noted that Walton has already supplied a large volume of fasteners to various local manufacturing industries like furniture, bicycle, motorcycle, home and kitchen appliances manufacturing units. 

    They have already expressed their satisfaction on the highest standard of the Walton made fasteners, he said adding that the demand of Walton fasteners has been soared in the local market. 

    Moreover, Walton have already discussed with some other overseas companies to export its produced fasteners. Thus, Walton planned to increase the production capacity of the existing unit by triple, he said. 

    Prihish Kumar Saha, head of Screw RnD (Research and Development) Department of Walton, said, they are producing different types of fasteners at Walton nuts, bolts and screws manufacturing unit, including self tapping and self drilling screws of 2 to 10 millimeter (mm) diameter and 5 to 75 mm length, hexagonal and alien bolts of 8.8 and 10.9 grades, machine screws and hexagonal nuts. 

    He said they installed Taiwanese dies and machines in the production line. In addition, they are following world’s latest production process like wire drawing; spheroidize annealing; pickling, phosphating and metal soap treatment (PPM); cold forming; heat treatment and electroplating. Walton screws and bolts are made of high quality boron alloyed steel whereas nuts are made of highest standard carbon steel. 

    Saha also informed that 100 percent heat treatment furnace is used in Walton fasteners. To assure internal standard, world’s latest German and US technologies testing equipments like stereo microscope, metallurgical microscope and micro hardness are installed at the research and development center. 

    They conducted the structural test of the produced fasteners through magnifying these up to 1000 times with the metallurgical microscope. Also, hardness of the produced fasteners are tested with micro hardness equipment. Passing through a test of 96 hours salt spray, Walton fasteners have excellent corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor use. 

    According to Walton authorities, they are using their own produced nut, bolt and screw in the production process of fridge, air conditioner, LED television, compressor, various sorts of electric fans, rice cookers, blenders, gas stove, switch-socket, LED light etc.


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