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    NBS | Saturday, November 24th, 2018 | Published: 6:40 pm



    Popularity is an invaluable property in life. It is cannot buy the money. Popularity is pride and glory of human. It is so difficult to acquirement of popularity. Popularity achieve by skill-work, honesty, humanity, decency. Man is immortal by popularity. Man is going on his work for achieve popularity………but, after all-someone achieve popularity and someone achieve hated in his life by works.

    Present political attitude of Bangladesh will in history. Because-at present, people of Bangladesh is passing time a prickle-in suffering-critical situation. This critical is lac of safety, lac of speaking freely, lac of democracy and lac of impartial condition of politics. If anybody talk’s about those, may be confessed, abducted, assaulted, tortured, repressed him or her and called him or her war criminal or anti liberation by Awami league leader’s, workers or govt. Yet, there are many war criminal or anti liberation in Awami league and their relatives.

    If the guilty person is in Awami league-pardon but the guilty person is in BNP-arrested-case-remand-jail etc. The case is running of BNP leader’s and workers. Those case are known and unknown leader’s and workers of BNP. Some statistics are below- The number of unauthorized cases ranging from 01 September to 05 October 2018 is 4,149. Among them, the number of known accused in the case is 86 thousand 692 and the unidentified accused is 277 thousand 277 people. 

    4 thousand 684 people have been arrested in the absconding or false case from 01 September to 05 October 2018. Among of them remanded 247 people. From 2009 to 30 September 2018, the number of accused is 25 hundred thousand or lakh 70 thousand 547 people. The number of convicted prisoners is 75 thousand 925. The number of BNP people killed by the law enforcement agencies is 782. Total number of disappearances is 1,204. Later, 781 people were shown arrested from the custody of the law enforcers and now 423 people have disappeared. Between 2009 and 30 september2018, 10 thousand 126 people were injured.

    BNP leader’s and workers are arrested-remand-jail of Nayapaltan case about receiving and submitting nomination forms. But, there are no arrested-remand-jail of Awami league leaders and activities for murder about receiving and submitting nomination forms. On the other hand, the person who had set fire on the helmets was not determined. However, in the past student movement, the helmet’s received a clash with the police to attack the student. The police did nothing in the helmets. 

    There are no limit to arrest of BNP leader’s and workers by the false case. A case was filed of senior leader of BNP with Hatirjheel police station some days ago-where no events occurred. But the other top leaders, including mirza fakhrul islam alamgir, are accused in the case. 

    BEGOM KHALEDA ZIA was felicitated in a false case-whose case is 5. There were 15 case in the name of Sheikh Hasina-whose one murder case by the period of 1/11 govt. There are 15 case in Sheikh Hasina’s name-She took power from the power to the Prime Minister position. Awami ruling govt. and leaders are thinking that by implementing force, suppression, oppression and fear-will be in power. So, they do not have the right to vote. In the past election-Awami cadres had already filled their ballot box with their symbol. The police-administration does not say anything to them. However, before election, the opposition party, especially the BNP leaders and workers, went home and frightened. The election process says to stay away from it Gazipur-Rajshahi city election. The BNP’s agent has taken from rajshahi- after two days of finding his relatives, he was found in a jail in Pabna-by showing arrested  in a sabotage case two years ago-what a magic witch-a wizard? In the Gazipur city election, the BNP agent was taken away and kept in Mymensingh-demonstrate democracy.

    …………This is to follow the bi-directional policy of the police. People have understood this bi-directional policy of the police and Therefore, who mark will be given to vote in the elections-think of their decision.

    Awami ruling govt. and leaders are thinking that using force, suppression, oppression and fear-will be in power. So, they do not have the right to vote. 

    The govt. and Awami-leaders may have thought of lawsuit, jail-remand, torture, suppression, oppression will get away with the public opinion-be in power. But people are watching the political magic. As a result, people dislike government but many many like BNP or BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA. BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA and BNP leaders and workers have made so many case in the ghost case of police-administration in government administration. The opposition to the people that is anti depressant today is very clear like daylight. The vengeance of the revenge and the liability that today is acknowledging that today. BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA, despite getting bail, has been imprisoned in another far-flung verdict to living life. People knew that there were only five case in begum khaleda zia’s name. In the name of SHEIKH Hasina, there were 15 cases filed including the murder case which she lifted all of her suits to become prime minister in 2009. Sheikh Hasina’s vengeance and aggression against BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA –people thought so about these incidents and the people’s support for BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA is increasing day by day. Today BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA’S popularity is the skyline. BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA is not only the leader of a political party but also an organization today. She is a country’s mother from country’s leader. Now, BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA is Mother of Democracy. Today, prisoner BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA is a non detained democracy BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA is prisoner means prisoner of Bangladesh. Today the release of BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA means release in democracy. Today, release of prisoner of BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA is release of the country.Today BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA means Bangladesh. Therefore the liberation of the people-liberation and captivity of BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA for the release of the country. National unity Front has given 7 points and 11 goals for those. There are much public support for these points and goals. Due to the popularity of Mother’s of Democracy BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA-Awami govt. is afraid, her single authoritarianism is so long without democracy, as far as false, baseless case is filed and the verdict, the more popularity of BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA’s popularity is increasing….. So, SKYLINE POPULARITY IN THE GHOSTLY CASE.

    If people are united to see case, attacks, oppression and announce the position expressed solidarity with the National Unity Front, then the question of single authoritarian rule, repression and repression will be…

    History says that the people of the country who have rights in the country have never been able to keep their political demands and goals under control-have been successful.

    MD. MIZANUR RAHMAN, Journalist and Columnist


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