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    DEMOCRACY is in ICU by the magician’s magic
    NBS | Friday, November 9th, 2018 | Published: 7:48 pm

    DEMOCRACY is in ICU by the magician’s magicDEMOCRACY is in ICU by the magician’s magic


    Good or bad, day or night, light or dark, wel-fare or opposite time is going on and history made by works. Time is much hard-hearted, time is much cruel.Again, time is very pleasure, time is very favourable.Cruel time made by oneself pleasure life without any law or moral’s. Someone will be hated and someone will be congratulated in history by the present political watched of Bangladesh.

    Political game is going on in political party’s. The game is that means the magician’s magic. The magician is showing her magic in the present socio-eco, cultural and political watched of Bangladesh as same as the real magician who made ten taka from one taka, ten rose from one rose.

    Seven murder shows delay by the magician but if anybody talks about democracy, then the magician shows magic-as if DEMOCRACY is invisible or in I.C.U. Then the magician shows many magic. Such as- conceal, misappropriation, false case, attrack, arrest, remand, jail or prison, oppression etc. Anybody is not save in home, roadaway, market or anywhere.May be disappeared by invisible power as if the magician magic.

    Dhaka City Corporation(DCC) is divide within 4 minute’s. The reserve money of Bangladesh bank is disappeared, the reserve gold of Bangladesh bank is disparity. The coal of mine is out of sight. Anybody cannot talk about those matter because of……… Nobody come in power and for those, the care taker government system is out of the constitution. As a result, voter’s cannot cast their vote’s. The govt. party’s terrorist, agent etc are takes those votes forgery trick. 

    Voter’s showed that anyone go away in the vote centre for cast her vote’s, Awami league terrorist’s sit in the fornt of the vote centre and say that your vote have cast. So, won’t cast your vote, go home. 

    Deadman cast her votes by the magician magic. So, casting vote is over of 100% in some vote centre. For those, the magician won by without voter’s and candidate’s election.The Magician magic going on……. The 11th  national assembly election is coming soon. So, the magician magic spread over…..arrest of BNP leader’s and activities by the false case all over the country.

    Sattroleague, juboleague…………….after all Awami league terrorist’s  are attack with arms with the police to subduel of any movement. Then the police-administration don’t see the destructiveness of Awami league terrorist’s, they see only BNP activities and leader’s. There are hold on 4,245th falsed or concealed case of only BNP activities and leader’s within 01 september  to 28th October 2018. There are total (known and unknown) 3,92,012 leader’s and activities are accused of the evidence of those falsed or concealed case. The accused of 98,875 are known and  The accused of 2,93,137 are unknown among those falsed or concealed case. At present, there are hold on total 5,537th falsed or concealed case of only BNP activities and leader’s.

    …hold case and arrest only BNP activities and leader’s….. what’s are the magician’s magic. As a result, the real magician go out from this country because, the people will not show the real magician’s magic, people show big big magic on political field’s.

    People are showing that the woman who work’s of mankind and re-organized of democracy, now she is in jail or prison for the false case. She is bail of this false case but in jail or prison of other false case. So, People called him (BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA) “Mother of Democracy” for the wel-fare of people or mankind and re-organized of Democracy.

    Now, this Mother of Democracy BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA is in jail or prison of misgoverning by the magician’s magic……. so, this question is in people’s mind that where is Democracy?

    If BNP or Jatio Oikkyofront call  for meeting, rally, humamchain, assemblage or engrossment. Don’t permission easily or many obstructing and arrest BNP activities or leader’s. On the otherhand, Government passed Bangladesh Digital Security Act-2018. Because, anybody cannot criticism the misgoverning of Awami league government. There are closed all media and public mouth’s for this Bangladesh Digital Security Act-2018. As a result, Democracy is in ICU by the magician’s magic……..death any time.  Can save this Democracy from ICU only a patriot people and political parties whose are going on their movement since 10 years opposite misgoverning of Awami league Government. This is the proper time to be re-organized of democracy and the welfare of mankind and to be released from jail or prison Mother of Democracy “BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA”. Must be removed all net of misgoverning by the patriot people and political parties both together. People think’s the summary of this…..that below-

    “People can understand the magician’s magic
    So,all of them are unique for their right’s-
    -must be destroyed the magician’s magic and conspiracy
    -must be re-organized of democracy
    -must be released from prison MOTHER OF DEMOCRACY
    …..that means BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA
    People choose him and must be give him power
    Because, this crown is like only for him
    Today, she is the woman who is pride and glory of Democracy.

    MD.MIZANUR RAHMAN, Journalist and Columnist .

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